Bewell Technology

We develop software that organizes business processes for companies of different sectors and sizes.

We attach importance to academia - industry cooperation and we conduct research in this context.

About Us

Bewell Technology; is an information and communication technology company established in Eskişehir in 2017 to develop new projects, conduct R & D activities and provide appropriate software solutions. It develops software that organizes business processes for companies of different sectors and sizes. We have an innovative, open-minded and enthusiastic staff who follow the latest technology and come from different disciplines aim to provide optimum solutions to our customers. Our company is active in the fields of Digitalization, Factory of the Future, Smart Manufacturing.


By providing rapid adaptation to technological developments; to meet the demands and expectations of our customers in the best way with our efficient, innovative and practical solutions; To become one of the leading companies in the sector by contributing to global technology and country technology with our qualified staff that we will bring to the IT sector.


To take our place in national and international market with our high quality and standard products that we will develop based on customer satisfaction. To expand our network by adding new ones to our existing European Union projects and to serve globally.

Message From the General Manager

Dear business partners, academicians and students; We live at a time when the importance of technology literacy is better understood with each passing day. As an information and communication technology company aware of the requirements of this period, we are eager and determined to do our duty. In building the future, we encourage academics and students to conduct research within the framework of industry - academy cooperation. We are committed to developing permanent solutions for today's problems that we blend with our own vision and in addition to our products, we contribute to technological developments with our EU projects. I would like to thank you in advance on behalf of our company employees who work in the happiness of touching the lives of people through technology by establishing good human relations.
Best Regards

General Manager
Taşkın KIZIL


We have expertise in AI, IoT Technology, Data Mining, Data Monitoring & Management and software development.

We use artificial intelligence techniques such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing to develop intelligent systems that minimize human intervention. Also we collect data from various sensors by using the Internet of Things Technology that came into our lives with Industry 4.0, working on the collected big data and creating the most optimal model to develop a solution to the problem. We use Text Mining, Web Mining and Data Analytics methods to analyze big data and make estimation on the developed model.

Since the companies do not have sufficient capacity to store the data increasing day by day, we are able to develop and manage open source software in real time. We develop software that runs on platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android and as web interface according to the needs of our customers.


A system where manufacturers and companies can manage payments, employee information, production data and machines.

Agricultural Management System

Tractor integrated virtual terminal for spraying in sensitive agricultural applications.

Virtual Terminal For Tractors

A universal ECU aimed that increase ISOBUS use in tractors.


A system developed for air cargo sorting and tracking.

Cargo Sorter Solution

A system developed to facilitate the tracking of freight wagons.

Wagon Tracking System

The system developed to determine and evaluate the performance values ​​of white-collar, blue-collar and managers in companies.

Performance Management System

A system developed to facilitate the operation in the factory and to follow the works defined in the order specified in the organization chart.

Action Based Management System

An integrated system with multiple modules for effective internal communication and coordination.


Strategic Partner




A production simulation software that has artificial intelligence developed to simulate the advantages and disadvantages of the decisions to be made to that can work on existing ERP systems.



Smart Greenhouse is a project that integrates agricultural production with technological innovations aiming to increase environmental productivity while minimizing environmental pollution.



It is an open and shared integrated service platform to support the management and analysis of big data generated by inventories in the information value chain in the industry.




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Contact Information

Address: Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone Teknoloji Blvd. Yazilimkule No: 203
Eskisehir / Turkey
Phone: +90 222 290 2533

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